How do I choose a red lipstick?

Choosing the right red lipstick can be a challenge, as there are many shades and formulas to choose from. Here are some tips to help you find the perfect red lipstick for you:

  1. Skin Tone: Consider your skin tone when choosing a red lipstick. If you have fair skin, look for a blue-based red, such as a cherry or true red. If you have medium skin, opt for a blue-based or orange-based red. If you have a dark skin tone, a warm orange-based red will look great.

  2. Undertone: Determine your undertone. If you have cool undertones, look for a blue-based red. If you have warm undertones, look for an orange-based red. If you have neutral undertones, you can wear either a blue-based or orange-based red.

  3. Formula: Consider the formula of the lipstick. If you have dry lips, look for a hydrating formula. If you want long-lasting wear, look for a matte or stain formula. If you want a glossy finish, look for a lip gloss or creamy formula.

  4. Occasion: Think about the occasion for wearing red lipstick. A bold red is perfect for a night out or special event, while a sheer or tinted red is great for everyday wear.

  5. Personal preference: Ultimately, the perfect red lipstick is one that you love and feel confident wearing. Try a few different shades and formulas until you find the one that works best for you.

When trying out different red lipsticks, apply a small amount to the back of your hand or to your lips and step into natural light to see how the color looks on your skin. Keep in mind that colors can look different in the tube than they do on your skin, so it's best to test them out before making a purchase.

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