Why does my eyeliner smudge?

There are several reasons why eyeliner may smudge:

  1. Oily skin: Oily skin can cause eyeliner to smudge and wear off more quickly.

  2. Product formula: Some eyeliner formulas, such as pencil or cream eyeliners, are more prone to smudging than others, such as liquid or gel eyeliners.

  3. Application technique: Incorrect application, such as applying too much pressure or not waiting for the product to dry, can cause eyeliner to smudge.

  4. Setting spray: Not using a setting spray or using one that is not formulated for eye makeup can cause eyeliner to smudge.

  5. Allergies or sensitivities: Some people may be sensitive or allergic to certain ingredients in eyeliner products, causing them to smudge or irritate the eyes.

To avoid smudging, consider using a waterproof or long-wearing eyeliner formula, and using a primer and setting spray specifically formulated for eye makeup. You may also want to avoid touching your eyes or rubbing them throughout the day, as this can cause eyeliner to smudge. If you have sensitive eyes, consider trying a hypoallergenic or fragrance-free eyeliner formula.

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