About us

Soha Cosmetics is a Pakistan based brand that offers a range of beauty and hair care products. Our mission is to provide our customers with high-quality, effective, and affordable beauty and hair care products that are formulated with premium ingredients.

We believe in the power of natural ingredients, so all of our products are made with a blend of natural ingredients that are safe and gentle on your skin and hair. We are dedicated to providing our customers with the best possible experience, and we pride ourselves on our commitment to customer satisfaction.


Soha CosmeticsSoha Cosmetics is not just a company but heartily feelings because it is named on my daughter's name.
The products design, formulation & packing all are done with core of feelings to give value to product.
The purpose is to create products that value to your life & make some positive changes.
Purpose & moto is to create memories of beauty, happiness & value addition to our customers.

Product Quality

Cecil Vig

Our company have consultants around globe like Cecil Vig from America. She is professional chemist & cosmetics formulator. Our hair regrowth serums are formulated with ingredients imported from USA & Turkey under formulation guidelines from Cecil Vig.

Products Testing

Our team is dedicated to deliver services that embrace value in common life. Our theme is not marketing but being valuable in everyday life. For example, our hair regrowth serums are not like those being in market & leaving no positive impact in life.

In our pre launch, we have offered FREE TESTING to more then 20 men & women in Lahore. And we have seen very optimistic & positive results. Hair fall stops in only 10 days of regular use. While hair regrowth visible appear in only one month use.

Our team of experts works tirelessly to research and develop new products that meet the evolving needs of our customers. We are continuously updating our product line with new, innovative formulas that are designed to improve the health and appearance of your skin and hair.

We believe in the importance of education and customer service, so our website provides detailed information about each of our products, including ingredient lists, instructions for use, and information about the benefits of each ingredient.

Thank you for considering Soha Cosmetics. We are confident that you will love our products and we look forward to serving you.

Shop the Best of Soha Cosmetics: Natural & Effective Beauty Products for Every Skin & Hair Type

Our products are made with natural ingredients that are free from harsh chemicals, making them safe and suitable for all skin and hair types

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